Lizard Cult

Catering to the discarded creatures of the Woodland, the Lizard Cult seeks to overwhelm its foes through sheer force of will. Wherever the Cult rules clearings, it can build gardens, using word of mouth and beak to spread its gospel to the animals living there. The firmer its hold over the hearts of its followers, the more victory points the Cult can score by completing the proper rituals. While other factions spend cards to achieve their aims, the Cult acts chiefly by revealing cards and gradually gathering a set of ideal followers. These revealed cards are returned to the Cult's hand in Evening, unless discarded to score victory points. However, this gentler approach makes movement and battle difficult-the Cult can only take these actions with its radicalized acolytes, gained as the Cult's warriors are slaughtered while defending in battle.

Lizard Strategy Guides