In Root every player plays a different faction, or species of creatures living in the woods. They all work differently and have different goals but they all want to get to 30 Victory Points.

Credit: Leder Games

Faction Rankings:

A poll on Reddit had fans rank all of the factions in order of how much they enjoyed playing them. It lasted two main rounds, and to win the vote, a faction needed to receive 30 Victory Points. VP was awarded proportionally based on vote totals. The factions listed as placing 1-4 made it into round two. Because two factions received 30 VP in the second round, there was a final round to award a dominance victory. Here are the results:

  1. Woodland Alliance (30 VP and Dominance Victory)

  2. Riverfolk (30 VP)

  1. Eyrie Dynastie (26 VP)

  2. Corvid Conspiracy (24 VP)

  1. Lizard Cult (15 VP)

  2. Underground Duchy (12 VP)

  3. Marquise De Cat (10 VP)

  4. Vagabond (6 VP)

  5. New Vagabonds Added in Expansions (2 VP)

Root Faction Randomiser

Credit: Board Game Geek user @DeathFrog

Credit: Reddit user u/tpoodle1